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Is it the second full moon of this month?

No, but folklore allows for another kind of Blue Moon: But about that Blue Moon. Will it look blue in color?

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Of course Tonjghts, unless your local sky conditions call for it. To astronomers, the moon is abbout Tonights about you at a precisely defined instant, when the moon is exactly degrees opposite the sun in ecliptic longitude. That full moon instant falls on May 18 at It happens at the same moment for all of us worldwide, yet the Tonights about you on our clocks vary by time zone. At Canadian and U. Atlantic Time, 5: Eastern Time, 4: Central Time, 3: Mountain Time, 2: Pacific Time, 1: Alaskan Time and Hawaiian Time.

Tonights about you

Translate UTC to your time. In other words, for North America, the moon turns full during the daylight hours on May 18, when the moon is still below the horizon.

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Never Tonights about you. For all of us around the world, Sierra Shanghai personals moon stays more or less opposite Tonights about you sun for several nights around full moon.

Two noteworthy luminaries should be easy to see near this bright moon, despite its glare. The bright star Antares in the constellation Scorpius, and the planet Jupiter, follow the moon into the sky by early to mid-evening.

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For the fun of it, we also show another celestial object on our chart at top — a famous one Tonights about you astronomical history, and recently visited by a spacecraft — but seldom seen by earthly gazers. It helps to have a moonless night, a good sky chart and binoculars to see this aboout world, which orbits our sun in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

Ceres is a good two times fainter than the faintest star visible to the eye alone on a dark night. Less than one day after the moon turns full, the moon will occult — or temporarily cover over Tonights about you this little world.

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Elsewhere around the world, the moon will swing to the south of Ceres. The day and night sides of Tonights about you at the instant of full moon May 18,at The shadow line at left running through South America depicts sunset moonrise May 18 and the the shadow line at right Tonights about you through eastern Asia and Australia depicts sunrise moonset May Worldwide map via EarthView.

Those 2 bright spots had people going for a time, but they turned out to be salt deposits. Image via NASA. Some of you may be familiar with Tonighta more popular monthly definition of Tonights about you Blue Moon as the second of two full moons in a single calendar month.

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Believe it or not, the seasonal definition of Blue Moon as the third of four full moons in one season is older than the monthly definition of the term. A season is the period of time Tonights about you an equinox and a solstice — or vice versa.

Normally, a season only has three full moons, but the present season actually has four. Notice the dates below.

You can see that the first full moon of the season came soon Tonights about you after the March equinox to allow for a fourth full moon to take place before the June solstice:. Tonights about you

Full moon: Tonights about you 21, Full moon: Apr 19, Full Moon: May 18, Blue Moon Full moon: Jun 17, Possible to have Tknights two full moons in a single season? In a period of 19 years, there are full moons but only 76 seasons. Read more … Blue Moon: All you need to know.

Bottom line: This Blue Moon will be near the bright star Antares and brighter planet Jupiter. Waxing moon with Golden Handle. Help Support EarthSky with Tonkghts Donation!

EarthSky Tonights about you on your cosmos and world. Bruce McClure.

Tonights about you

Today's Image Waxing moon with Golden Handle. Blue Moon: All you need to know 14 hours ago. Only 2 full moons in a season possible? Tweets by earthskyscience.